In a time when war is rampant around the world and alliances between nations are as worthless as the paper they are written on, there are equally as many political leaders who seek to profit from the disorganization that has materialized. Financial ruin in the global economy is on the doorstep and people have lost faith in their futures. That time... is now.

Tyrants Last Gleaming is the story of the more plausible events that could become reality, the end of the human race.

Tyrants Last Gleaming is beyond doubt an account of the end of the world as we know it, more specifically, the end of mankind. When evil plots transpire, even the staunchest conspiracy theorist or doomsday soothsayer could never have anticipated this monstrosity of hatred, terror and human annihilation. Prepare yourself, each twist and every morbid and insane turn will have you asking yourself, why does this all seem so real?

Tyrants Last Gleaming is the end of the beginning... and the beginning of the end is now!

Tyrants Last Gleaming by Raif Wolfe

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