Safe Word Unspoken by Raif Wolfe

They met by chance at a gathering. Glances exchanged, they continued on with their evening, passing by each other with purposeful intention. Eventually the silence was broken and a conversation which had started between mutual friends brought them together.

When Lainie Redding decided it was time to move on, she tried to walk away. She first tried by excusing herself, then she attempted to make it happen by any means that she could think of.

Jolon Uzumati took her request and casually discarded it. When she bolted through the door she found that she had nowhere to run, no place to hide and not a moment to think. Jolon was not ready to let go.

Still, she would not bend; she would not give him that final satisfaction.
Freedom was just a word away, but to gain it she would have to lose so much more.
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